Friday, July 24, 2009

The Champ

Happy Birthday AnitoKid!!!

July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Hunt Is Over

Finally!!! after a few weeks of cyber death.. I'm back :D

Boy, I have a lot of tales to tell regarding my search for the right hook up for me. I initially terminated my old plan 999 from SmartBro only to realize later that I'm going back to the Bro hahahaha!!!

You won't believe how frustrating it is for me not to have an internet. Like Boo said what is a PC without an internet. Yes I am online again and eager to share my roller coaster ride in getting the best deal of a plan.

First, I was drawn to these mobile plug-ins offered by Sun Cellular. It's very pratical and it gives up to 2mbps of internet speed. Compared to my previous 999 plan that only guarantees 384KBPS. Everybody knows that you don't get this speed. It was manageable in the beginning but hey the competition looks good. So I terminated my previous 999 plan and tried out the Sun plug-in. Whoa! it was ok when I was using my notebook. I can go anywhere with it Yehey! But when I used it in my PC and started my torrent activities.. oh no! The plug-in does not sustain the connection. It keeps on turning on and off. Nobody told me about this huhuhuhu!!! I should have done my research before I had my antenna cut-off.

I did not accept this discovery at once but I also tried other plug-ins like Globe Tattoo. I had the same results :( This is probably because we have a very poor Globe Signal here. Btw, I live in Fort Bonifacio just a stone throw from Makati. Imagine my disappointment, yeah I live in the suburbs but not the super suburbs like Forbes so most of the time resources has been allocated to these parts. Our village is often neglected because when these telecoms hooks Taguig and Makati they move to farther places like Las Pinas, QC, Bulacan etc just to say that they have wider coverage. Ahhh enough of that.. getting back to my story.. by this time I am getting desperate so I tried Lola Tetchie (Bayantel). They have a catchie commercial hopefully services have improved. I learned that before they can allow you to subscribe to their package you must have a trial first. Sort of a dry run to make sure that you'll get your money's worth. Sounds good to me .. so I waited and waited and waited (btw, during waiting period I follow-up and call them) and until now they haven't scheduled me for the dry run.

Haaaaayyyyy... so I said to myself ..I am going back to Smart to apply for my old plan at least I'm connected. When I went back to Smart .. I found out that they have new plans at reasonable prices. I got the Share It Plan and its a router already. So my house now has wifi and I'm really satisfied so far.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I also ventured in applying for a Destiny Internet ... since they are the only cable company that caters to our village. Hahahha.. and guess what.. only the cable tv is available..

I also tried applying to the PLDT MyDSL.. they say that within 3 days you'll be connected.. shmoehoe!! my #%$#$!! a colleague of mine applied for the dsl because they have an existing pdlt phone and it's been 2 months now.. Yes, no reply from PLDT hihihihi...

So the moral of the story before getting tempted in switching to any product .. make a little research first and do not dispose the previous one without a replacement.. I hope you learn something from me :D