Monday, July 18, 2011

Intentional or Not... Scam???

I really don’t like writing about this stuff but I want to know how many people are having this same kind of dilemma. It’s about my credit card account in some multi-national bank in Ayala (thinking about suing so I’ll not mention the company).

One day, (a few years back) I called the customer agent of this credit card of mine, asking them to terminate my account. The agent instructed me settle the remaining balance in full. This is the only way I can close my account. So I did and afterwards, called the customer agent again to inquire if my payment has been posted. The agent confirmed that it has been reflected and due to this they are now able to close my account. Trusting the customer service agent of this bank, I thought my account was finally terminated.

After several months, a representative of the bank called asking me to settle my unpaid credit card bill of this bank. I was surprised, I told the caller that I already closed my account. The caller said I have an outstanding balance, so I inquired what is it about.. what did I purchase that I failed to pay? The caller checked and we found out that it was the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE and there are no purchases. So, I said my case and retold the caller that I asked the bank to close my account already. The caller, asked me to refer it to collections department. So I call the collections department to sort things out and look into my case. I was able to get in touch with somebody but they insisted that I pay the membership fee. I plead my case and explained what happened. The person from the collections department said that they will get back to me, she will just explain it to accounting or whatever department. So, I waited for their call and they never did. I thought it was ok already since they did not get back to me. Somewhere, sometime I forgot about it.

After, a few YEARS I received a demand letter from one of their partner law firms harassing and accusing me that I did not pay my credit card. I was very angry and shocked at this new development. This law firm keeps on harassing me. I called them up and explained but only got a shouting from whoever's in charge of the account. I asked them to provide me with the list or any purchases that I made and I will gladly pay it. But, it seems they found out that there are no purchases. Again, the law firm, did not get back to me again.

To date, I received around 8 to 10 demand letters from various law firms. I am so tired of being harassed and hounded everywhere, every minute of the day. I even learned that there are a lot of cases like mine. The last one has been charging me 50,000 for interest and other charges.

What do you think guys, I really feel like I am a victim here. I am not so aware of the policies of bank companies but it seems they are making money out of this. Now, I feel the bank intentionally did not close my account to make more money on me since I refuse to use their services anymore. Haay naku!