Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Save The Planet: Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change

Hi everybody.. I am supporting this movement. Please click the post title to go to the link.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tumi Quotes: Things That Make Me Smile

Tumi Quotes

dada : i will throw all your diapers tumi so that you will learn how to pupu in the toilet.

tumi : throw all the toilets dada, because i already know how to pupu in the diaper.

tumi : teacher, you are so hardheaded you

don't listen to me. I want to go home.


tumi : (to his teacher again)

teacher, im a ar ar ar!!!


when tumi was horseplaying in school

and the teacher approched him to scold him..

tumi : I love you teacher ... (then hugs and kisses the teacher with matching beautiful eyes)


tumi and dada during house pictorial.

dada put a marking on the floor so that

tumi will establish his position all throughout the shots.

dada : keep ur feet tumi on the marking.

tumi : dada this should be two because

i have two feet....(ayus!)


tumi on living things and non-living things issue

tumi : why are trees living things...

they dont have hands and feet...


dada : removing his belt to make this

little boy wonder listen and obey...

tumi : dada, do not remove your belt...

your pants will fall!



dada telling tumi not to cross the street

alone...(tumi is used to dada doing the ice

remedy wherever/whenever his head/face hits

anything...tables, chairs, walls etc)

dada : do not cross the street alone big boy!

tumi : why?

dada : because the cars will hit you!

tumi : and you have to put ice on the car?


dada told tumi that spanking and hitting

other people is bad...

dada teaching tumi how to usual,

the little boy's attention is somewhere


dada : Listen to me tumi, i will spank you!!!

tumi : hmmm, diba dada spanking is BAD!


tumi, with this very honest and sincere question

to his dada...

tumi : why did you spank me when i kicked you???

tumi's early crush...

tumi : dada, come here i will tell you something.
(dada moved towards tumi...)

tumi : (whispered...) i love Sophia (girl classmate).

dada : (overjoyed!!! asked the question)... WHY!

tumi : because she is HANDSOME.

while visiting her aunt at the Manila Control Tower..
tumi on seeing distant objects...

tumi : i want to use the VERNACULARS!

dada : BI-NO-CU-LARS!!!

tumi : BI-LA-CU-LARS...

dada : BI-NO-CU-LARS!!!

tumi : i want to use the TELESCOPE!


when reviewing fish topics

Dada: What make the fishies float?

Tumi: Life vest and kick board


These are some of the anecdotes and quotes compiled by Boo. Btw, Tumi is our 3-year old son.

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