Sunday, December 26, 2010

What A Wonderful Year!!!

Wow! My blog looks so lonely without me posting anything hehhee..

I can't believe that a lot has happened since my last post.. Last year about this time I was thinking of quitting my last last job.. Now I am doing a different thing again.. funny how life takes you to different roads and meet new people.. Some are nice and some not so nice .. Well that's life for you..
Lots of story to tell but so little time.. I was plannin' on posting some of my weird and great experiences here and offshore but uhmm.. ahmmm.. Here it is now hehehe..
First, I want to tell you about Deborah Day. This was the day that I and my friends joined a tour to see a bunch of rocks in UK. There were 3 destinations that day: Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and the Roman Baths. This lady guide, Deborah, of Evans Evans Tours left us at the first stop. Well there's a very long queue for the lady's room and to make a long story short she left us! But, we did not give up. We already paid for the tour and tickets to the sites. So we decided to take a train to the 3rd destination skipping the rocks so we can join the rest of the tour again. Boy.. she was so surprised to see us! She even said, "you made it.. some people might have given up and just gone back to London.. But you two girls.." Yes, we found them and vowed that I will write a comprehensive review of the tour and tour guide to all the online reviews that I can find.. hahahaha!!!

Next, we had a surprise treat at Oxford! We went to Oxford University to see the famous hall where they shoot the Harry Potter - "Great Hall of Hogwarts" but we stumbled upon a white tent where a bookfair was being held.

There was a book signing by the famous author of The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman. For a fantasy-fiction book lover like me, this was really a treat!

I can never forget the time that we went out to see some musicals. We saw Stomp and Wicked. Wicked was wicked!!!

Of course, my year will not be complete without the culinary excursions ... hihihi.. We went to Jamie's in Canary Wharf. The Tiramisu was to die for!
And who could forget the Haggis in Scotland. This culinary treat gave me the heat durin' a cold day in Edinburgh.

Back here at home, my colleague, Mike Casio, introduced me to 8065 Bagnet. This heart stopper culinary trip wins my vote for the best Bagnet out of the Ilocos province.

These days, my time has been occupied by lots of parties, reunions and other get togethers. But the thing that I am excited the most is my current project. Boo and I decided to have a bonggang-bongga house renovation. I can’t wait for my new kitchen to finish : D I am sooo excited to try out new dishes and I plan to master some of the old ones.

Well, that's it for me this year.. (will post new photos of my new kitchen soon hihihi...)